Learning how to live in the Divine Will, Luisa Picaretta and the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Messages Our Lord gave to her,and so much more

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


In the below passage from Volume 14, Jesus states that He is hidden in the food we eat and the beverages that we drink


VOL. 14 – May 12,1922

So I abandoned all of myself in His Will, but I felt great repugnance in me toward Justice; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me: “If you knew how heavy it is for Me to use Justice, and how much I love the creature! The whole of Creation is for Me like the body to the soul, like the skin to the fruit. I am in continuous and immediate act with man, although created things hide Me, just as the body hides the soul. However, if it wasn’t for the soul, the body would have no life. In the same way, if I withdrew from created things, they would all remain without life. In all created things I visit man, I touch him and I give him life. I am hidden in the fire, and I visit him with its heat; if I were not there, the fire would have no heat – it would be a painted fire and without life. But while I visit man in the fire, he does not recognize Me, nor does he send Me one greeting. I am in the water, and I visit him by quenching his thirst; if I were not there, the water would quench no one’s thirst – it would be dead water. But while I visit him, he passes before Me without bowing once to Me. I am hidden in the food, and I visit man by giving him substance, strength and taste; if I were not there, in taking food man would remain on an empty stomach. Yet, ungrateful, while he lives on Me, he turns his back to Me. I am hidden in the Sun, and I visit him with my light almost every instant; yet, ungrateful, he repays Me with continuous offenses. I visit him in all things: in the air that he breathes, in the flower that gives off its fragrance, in the refreshing breeze, in the striking thunder – in everything. My visits are innumerable. Do you see how much I love him? And you, being in my Will, are together with Me, visiting man and giving him life. Therefore, do not be frightened if sometimes you concur in Justice.”

In the below passage from Volume 28, Jesus states that He wants us to send him an ‘I love You” in the food we eat and the beverages that we drink  in order to repair for the coldness of creatures who do not recognize Jesus with an ‘I love You’ in the earthly things they encounter such as eating food or drinking beverages.


VOL. 28 – April 1, 1930

“My daughter, Our Love in Creation was exuberant, but always toward man.  In each created thing We placed as many acts of love for as many times as the creature was to make use of them.  Our Divine Fiat, which maintains the balance in all Creation and is perennial life of It, as It sees that the creature is about to use the light of the sun, puts Our Love in exercise, to make the creature encounter It in the light that she receives.  If she drinks, Our Love makes Itself be encountered, so as to say to her while she drinks:  ‘I love you’.  If she breathes the air, Our Love says to her, repeatedly:  ‘I love you’.  If she walks, the earth says to her, under her steps:  ‘I love you’.  There is not one thing that the creature may take, touch and see, in which Our Love does not make Its happy encounter with the creature by saying to her:  ‘I love you’ – to give her love.  But do you know what the cause is of so much insistence of Our Love?  To receive, in each thing that the creature may take, the encounter of her love.  So, the infinite Love wanted to meet with the finite love and form one single Love, so as to place in the creature the balance of Its Love.  And since the creature makes use of created things without even thinking that Our Love comes to meet her in the things that she takes, to hear Our repeated refrain:  ‘I love you, I love you’, and she makes use of them without having a glance for the One who is sending them to her, the love of the creature remains unbalanced, because, not meeting with Our Love, it loses the balance and remains disordered in all its acts, because it has lost the divine balance and the strength of the Love of its Creator.  Therefore, be attentive with your requital of love, to repair Me for so much coldness of creatures.”



The below passage, VOL 12 – January 31, 1918 is the primary passage of this document. It teaches you how to dissolve yourself in Jesus. You dissolve yourself in Jesus by repeating often the prayer “Jesus and Mary through Luisa, I pour this into You, so that I may do not my will, but Yours”

VOL. 12 – January 31, 1918

Dissolving oneself in Jesus, to be able to say: what belongs to Jesus is mine.

I was abandoning all of myself in Jesus, when He told me: “My daughter, dissolve yourself in Me. Dissolve your prayer in Mine, so that your prayer and Mine may be one single prayer, and one would not recognize which one is yours and which Mine. Your pains, your works, your will, your love – dissolve them all in my pains, in my works, etc., so that they may mix one with the other, and form one single thing; to the extent that you may be able to say, ‘What belongs to Jesus is mine’, and I may say, ‘What is yours is Mine.’

Imagine a glass of water, which is poured into a big container of water. Would you be able to distinguish, afterwards, the water of the glass from the water of the container? Certainly not. Therefore, for your greatest gain and my highest contentment, repeat often in whatever you do: ‘Jesus, I pour this into You, so that I may do not my will, but Yours’, and immediately I will pour my acting into you.”

VOL. 11 – June 29, 1914

Then, being in my usual state, I saw before my mind an interminable sea, and many objects inside this sea. Some of them were small, others were bigger; some floated on the surface of the sea, remaining only wet; others went down to the bottom, remaining soaked with water inside and out; some others sank down so much as to be lost inside the sea…. Now, while I was seeing this, my always adorable Jesus came and told me: “My beloved daughter, did you see? The sea symbolizes my Immensity and the objects, with different sizes, the souls who live in my Will. The different ways to be (some on the surface, some down, some lost within Me) vary according to how they live in my Will: some in an imperfect way; some in a more perfect way; others reach the extent of being completely dissolved in my Volition.

Now, my daughter, my ‘ad intra’ about which I spoke to you is exactly this: sometimes I keep you together with Me, with my Humanity, and you take part in the pains, works and joys of my Humanity; some other times, pulling you inside of Me, I dissolve you inside my Divinity. How many times did I not make you swim in Me, keeping you so much within Me that you could not see anything other than Me, inside and outside of you? Now, as I kept you within Me, you took part in the enjoyments, in the Love and in all the rest, always according to your little capacity. So, although Our works ‘ad intra’ are eternal, the creatures can still enjoy the effects of those works in their lives, according to their love.




Reflections On Perseverance

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”

VOL. 1

Hope renders the soul almost omnipotent, invincible, and it administers to her the final perseverance, so much so, that only then does she cease to hope and to persevere, when she has taken possession of the Kingdom of Heaven. Then, she lays down Hope and plunges all of herself into the immense ocean of Divine Love.


VOL. 1

Then He continued: “If Faith makes one believe, and Hope makes one hope, Charity makes one love. If Faith is light and serves as the sight of the soul, and Hope, which is the nourishment of Faith, provides the souls with courage, peace, perseverance and all the rest – Charity, which is the substance of this light and of this nourishment, is like that most sweet and fragrant ointment which, penetrating everywhere, relieves and soothes the pains of life.

VOL.4 – December 27, 1900

God is not subject to changing, while the devil and the human nature change very often.

This morning I was with a fear about my state, that it was not the Lord who operated in me; with the addition that He was not deigning to come. Then, after much waiting, I saw Him for just a little; I expressed my fear to Him, and He said to me: “My daughter, first of all, in order to put you in this state there is a concurring of my power; and then, who would have given you the strength and the patience to remain in this state, in a bed, for such a long time? Perseverance alone is a sign that the work is Mine, because God alone is not subject to changing, while the devil and the human nature change very often – what they love today, they abhor tomorrow, and what they abhor today, they love tomorrow and find their satisfaction in it.”

VOL. 4 – January 31, 1901

Jesus explains the greatness of the virtue of patience.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus was not coming. Then, after much waiting, I saw Him for just a little, and He told me: “My daughter, patience is superior to purity, because without patience the soul easily unbridles, and it is difficult for her to remain pure; and when a virtue needs another virtue in order to have life, the second one is called superior to the first. Even more, it can be said that patience is custody of purity; not only this, but it is staircase to ascend to the mountain of fortitude, in such a way that if one went up without the staircase of patience, he would immediately fall from the highest point to the lowest. In addition to this, patience is seed of perseverance, and this seed produces branches called firmness. Oh, how firm and stable in the good she has started is the patient soul! She pays no attention either to rain, or to frost, or to ice, or to fire, but all her attention is on bringing to completion the good she has started. In fact, there is no greater foolishness than that of one who today does some good because he likes it, and tomorrow he neglects it because he finds no more pleasure in it. What would one say of an eye which at one hour possesses sight, and at another is blind? Or of a tongue which now speaks, and now is mute? Ah! yes, my daughter, patience alone is the secret key to open the treasure of virtues; without the secret of this key, the other virtues do not come out to give life to the soul and to ennoble her.”

VOL. 4 – March 30, 1901

Jesus speaks about the Divine Will and about perseverance.

As my state of privation continued, I felt as though a tedium and a tiredness of my poor situation, and my poor nature wanted to free itself of this state. Having compassion for me, my adorable Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, as you withdraw from my Volition, you begin to live of yourself; while if you remain fixed in my Will, you will always live of Me, dying completely to yourself.”

Then He added: “My daughter, have patience, resign yourself to my Will in everything, and not for a short time, but always – always, because only perseverance in good is that which reveals whether a soul is truly virtuous; it alone is what unites all virtues together. It can be said that perseverance alone unites perpetually God and the soul, virtues and graces, and places itself around them like a chain; and binding everything together, it forms the most safe knot of salvation. But where there is no perseverance, there is a lot to fear.” Having said this, He disappeared.

This extended Version I received today from a Friend, and wanted to share it with all of you:

(Linking ourselves to Luisa)

I am nothing, God is everything. Father I love You! Jesus I love You! Holy Spirit I love You!

I want to unite myself to Your Divinity, and I dissolve my nothingness in It, and in this way I give You everything.

Come Divine Will to live in our lives, dress me with Your Precious Garment.

How can I live without Jesus? Sorrowful Mama, do not leave me alone; take me with You; but first place all of myself in Jesus.  Empty me of everything, in order to place all of Jesus within me, just as You place Him within Yourself.

to think in our minds, crown my head with Your Thorns

Fusing myself in Your Mind, I want to reunite all the thoughts of the creatures within You and fuse them in Your Thoughts, in order to find sufficient reparation for all evil thoughts, and for so many suffocated enlightenments and inspirations.  I would like to make all thoughts one with Yours, to give You true reparation and perfect glory. 

Jesus, I compassionate You, and would like to place upon You as many crowns of glory; and in order to soothe You, I offer You all the angelic intelligences and Your own Intelligence, to give You an act of compassion and of reparation for all.

to flow in our blood, dress my soul with Your Precious Blood

It seems to me that the rivers of iniquities that the creatures send You, You may want to answer with rivers of blood, so that these sins may be drowned in it, and with it You may give to each one the deed of Your forgiveness.  Let my ice cold blood flow in Your veins so as to refresh Your Precious Blood which is all in flames.

to look with our eyes, bead my eyes with Your Tears

I want to fuse my eyes in Yours, and also those of all creatures, to be able to repair with Your own Eyes for all the evil we have done with our sight. 

I compassionate You, and I would like to soothe Your Sight by placing before You all the pleasures that can be found in Heaven and on earth through union of love with You.

to listen in our hearing, enclose my ears with Your Ears

I ask Your forgiveness, and I repair for all the times You called us and we have been deaf, or we have pretended not to hear You; and You, my weary Good, have repeated Your calls – but in vain! I want to fuse my hearing in Yours, and also that of all creatures, to make a continuous and complete reparation.

 Oh insatiable Love, I compassionate You, and I want to console You by making resound in it all the harmonies of Heaven, the most sweet voice of dear Mama, the ardent accents of Magdalene, and of all the loving souls.

to speak in our voices, impregnate my tongue with Your bitterness

I want to fuse my tongue in Yours, and also the tongues of all creatures, in order to repair with Your own, tongues of all creatures for all sins and evil discourses.

 Jesus, I compassionate You, and I want to sweeten Your Mouth by offering You all the angelic praises and the good use of the tongue made by many holy Christians.

to breathe in our breathing, enclose my breathing with the Refrigerating Freshness of Your Breath

Come, O Life of my heart, at this moment, to return to me all I have given You: Your Company, Your Heart as bed and rest, Your Arms as support, Your labored Breath to relieve my toils; in such a way that, in breathing, I will breathe through Your Breath which, like purifying air, will purify me of any stain, and will dispose me to enter the Eternal Beatitude.

to beat in our hearts, to transfix my heart with Your lance

I fuse myself in Your heart, allow me to enclose all the affections, heartbeats and desires, to repair for them together with You, and to give to everyone Your Affections, Heartbeats and Desires, so that no one may ever again offend You.

 I compassionate You, and I want to soothe the bitterness of Your heart, pierced three times, by offering You the eternal sweetness and the most sweet love of dear Mama Mary, as well as those of all Your true lovers.

  to move in all our actions, pierce my hands and feet with Your Nails

I want to fuse myself in Your Neck, in Your Chest, in Your Shoulders, in Your Hands, in Your Feet, to be able to repair together with You for all attachments, and therefore give to all the chains of Your Love; to be able to repair with You for all the coldness, and so fill the breasts of all creatures with Your Fire, as I see that You have so much of it, that You are unable to contain it; and to be able to repair with You for all illicit pleasures and for love of comforts, to give to everyone the spirit of sacrifice and love of suffering.

 In order to console You, I offer You the steps of the good religious and of all the faithful souls, who expose their lives in order to save souls. I compassionate You, and to give You relief, I offer You all the holy works, and the courage of the martyrs in giving their blood and life for love of You.  In sum, O my Jesus, I would like to offer You all the good works, in order to remove from You the many nails of the evil works.

to suffer in our suffering, adorn me with Your Wounds; and may our souls become consumed and fused with Your will to be living crucifixes, immolated only for the Glory of the Father

Everything I have, everything I am – everything is for Your, O my Jesus. Should my pains be necessary in order to save even one soul – here I am, I am ready to suffer everything. I offer myself wholly to You – do with me whatever You best please.

to pray in us and then offer these prayers to Yourself as ours to satisfy for the prayers of all, present me before the Divine Will, Divine Majesty as another Jesus

I pray that Your Passion be always in my mind, in my heart, in my gazes, in my steps and in my pains, so that, wherever I turn, inside and outside of myself, I may always find You present in me.  And You, give me the grace never to forget what You have borne and suffered for me.  May this be the magnet which, drawing my whole being into You, will never again allow me to go far away from You.

to infuse in us the faith of Mary Most Holy in order to possess You as She possessed You

O my Jesus, I want to diffuse myself in everything, and in those wounds embittered by the many misbeliefs, I desire that the shreds of my body tell You always: “I believe – I believe in You, O my Jesus, my God, and in Your holy Church, and I intend to give my life to prove my faith to You!”

to infuse in us the hope of Mary Most Holy in order to desire You as She desired You

O my Jesus, alas, how tortured is Your poor Heart! How to comfort so much pain? I will diffuse myself in You; I will place my heart in Yours, my ardent desires in Yours, so that any evil desire may be destroyed.

to infuse in us the charity of Mary Most Holy in order to love You as She loved You

On that wound, O Jesus, which makes You suffer so much from coldness and lack of love, I intend to place many little bits of my flesh, to say to You constantly: “I love You, I love You, I love You,” together with the Creative Will of the Blessed Trinity.

to adore in us, and since Your Will multiplies acts to the infinite, thus we intend to give You the satisfaction and adoration as if all had assisted at Holy Mass, and give to all the fruit of the sacrifice and impetrate salvation for all

On that wound which gives You so much pain from the so many irreverences to Your Most Holy Person, I intend to place a piece of myself, to tell You always: “I adore You, I adore You, I adore You,” together with the Creative Power of the Will of the Father, the Infinite Wisdom of the Will of the Son, and the Immense Love of the Will of the Spirit.

Ever Holy and Indivisible Trinity, we adore Your profoundly, we love You intensely, and we thank You perpetually, for all and in the hearts of all. Amen.


In washing, Father, we love You; come Divine Will to wash in our washing and wash all souls of every stain

O please, O Jesus, with these tears of Yours and this water with which You washed the feet of the apostles, let us wash the souls who must receive You; let us purify hearts; let us inflame them, and shake off the dust with which they are dirtied, so that, when they receive You, You may find in them Your satisfactions, instead of Your bitternesses.

In dressing, Father, we love You; come Divine Will in our dressing and dress all souls with Your light

O please, let us give them His Blood, that It may administer to them the necessary aids, and with Its light, It may make them understand the good which is in suffering and the likeness to Jesus they acquire.

In taking food and drink, Father, we love You; come Divine Will to live in us with the food of Your Divine Will

O Jesus, as I remain upon Your Heart, give food also to me, as You gave it to the apostles: the food of love, the food of the Divine Word, the food of Your Divine Will.  O my Jesus, do not deny me this food, which You so much desire to give me so that Your very Life may be formed in me.

In reading and writing, Father, we love You; come Divine Will in our writing and write Your Will in all hearts

Jesus, my Mother, come to write together with me.  Lend me Your most holy hands so that I may write that which pleases You and one that which You want.

In working, Father, we love You; come Divine Will to work in our working

I want to fuse myself in Your hands to repair for all the evil works, for the good done badly and with presumptuousness, and give to all the fragrance of Your works.

Upon going to sleep, Father, we love You; come Divine Will to rest in our resting and extend Your Peace over all the world

While I sleep, continue to be my sentry, and wake me up whenever You need to. Give me Your Kiss and Your Blessing, and I kiss Your Heart, and in It I continue my sleep.

To our Guardian Angel, our Angels, our Guardians, make all souls always live in the Most Holy Will of God

My Guardian Angel, precede us, accompany us, follow us; go and dispose the souls who must receive this Blood, so that not one drop may remain without its abundant effect.

In the Holy Name of Jesus – Amen!

“Jesus and Mary, to You I give my heart and my soul.”

Jesus states in the below passage that if we do not call the Divine Will in our little acts the Kingdom of God will not come upon earth.
VOL. 19 – April 18, 1926

Now, if Our Will was the depository of Creation and of Redemption, It must also keep the deposit of the Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven. Here is the reason for my pushing so that you may do nothing without depositing it in It. If you do not form this deposit of all of yourself, of your little acts, and even of your trifles, not having Its full triumph over you, my Fiat will not be able to carry out Its Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”

The question is, is what are our little acts? The little acts are our breathing, our heart beat, our blood circulation, our blinking of our eyes, and our gazing.

Also, if we do not invoke the Divine Will in our little acts the Divine Will suffers as Jesus states below:

VOL. 36 – November 20, 1938

I feel the Divine Will inside and outside of me, surprising me whenever I’m about to do my little actions, or to say my little ‘I love You’—to invest them with Its Light and make them Its Own.  It has such an astonishing inimitable attention that it’s almost incredible.  If the creature is not attentive in giving It her little acts, O!, how much It suffers.  O! how much I too would like to be all attentive—to imitate It by letting nothing escape me, so that we can surprise each other.

Jesus even wants us to call the Divine Will in the movement of our pupils as He states below:

VOL. 36 – May 17, 1938

So, be attentive.  I watch your steps, your words, the movements of your pupils, your tiniest acts, in order for My Will to have Its Life—Its Place.  We don’t care whether the act is natural or spiritual, big or small; but We watch attentively to see whether all is Ours; whether Our Will made arise Its Sun of Light, Sanctity and Love.  We use even the most insignificant act to make the most Prodigious Wonders, forming the most Beautiful scenes to keep Us all amused.  Didn’t We form the Marvelous Enchantment of the whole Creation from nothing?  Wasn’t it from nothing that We Created so many harmonies up to Our very Image, in the Creation of Man?  My daughter, if Creation had to give Us only what is spiritual, that would have been very little.  Instead, by giving Us also its natural acts, it can always give.  We can be in continuous relation and Our bond never breaks; more so, since the small things (breathing, moving, helping oneself in little personal things), are always available and within reach; available for the little and the great, for the ignorant and the learned and they never end. If these little things are done to love Us they form in themselves the Life of the Divine Will; Our Victory and Triumph:  the Ultimate Purpose of their Creation.  See, then, how easy it is to Live in Our Will?  The creature doesn’t have to do New Things, but just what she always does; that is to say, to live her life as We gave it, but in Our Will.”

Come Divine Will, come breath in my breathing, beat in my heart, circulate in my blood, think in my thinking, blink in my blinking, gaze in my gazing, move in my pupils, Divine Will.



VOLUME 27 – October 7, 1929
How the Divine Fiat is inseparable from Its Works. The terrible moment of the fall of ADAM.

…Now, My daughter (Luisa), your Living in My Divine Fiat began with Our asking for your human will, which you (Luisa) most willingly gave Me; and when I (Jesus) saw you (Luisa) give Me your human will, I (Jesus) felt Victorious, and Breathing into you (Luisa), I (Jesus) wanted to Pronounce My Omnipotent Fiat in the depth of your soul, to Renew the Act of Creation. This Fiat I (Jesus) repeat Always, in order to Give you (Luisa) continuous Life from It; and as It is Repeated, It Preserves you (Luisa) and Maintains Its Life in you (Luisa). This is why you (Luisa) often feel Me Breathe into you (Luisa), Renewing your soul; and the Inseparability I feel is My Divine Will that makes Me Love, with Perennial Love, what We (Triune God) have Deposited in you (Luisa). Every time My Fiat is Repeated, each of Its Truths that It Manifests to you (Luisa), each of Its Knowledges or Words that It Speaks to you (Luisa), is a Love that Arises in Us (Triune God), to Love you (Luisa) More and to Make itself Loved. It is Our Creating and Preserving Fiat that, Loving Its Life and what It has Done in you (Luisa), keeps Pronouncing Itself in order to Preserve Its Life and the Beauty of Its Work. Therefore, be Attentive to Receive Continuously the Word of My Fiat, for It is Bearer of Creation, of Life and of Preservation.”

December 25, 1929

How the birth of Jesus was the Rebirth of the Divine Will in His Humanity, and everything He did were Rebirths of It, formed in Him in order to make It be Reborn in creatures. Jesus was the True Sacrificed One of His Divine Will.

“My daughter (Luisa), My birth in time was the Rebirth of My Divine Will in My Humanity; and as It was reborn in Me, It brought the good news of Its rebirth in the human generations. My Fiat is eternal, but it can be said that It was as though born in ADAM in order to form the long generation of the Rebirth in the creature. But since ADAM rejected this Divine Will, by rejecting It, he prevented the many Rebirths It was to have in each creature; and with Constant and Invincible Love It waited for My Humanity in order to be Born Again in the midst of the human family. Therefore, everything I (Jesus) did in the whole course of My Holy Life – the baby tears, My moans and wailings – were nothing other than Rebirths of My Divine Will that were Formed in Me so as to make It be Reborn in creatures. In fact, It being Reborn in Me, and Possessing It as My own, I (Jesus) had the Right and the Power to Give It and Make It be Reborn in the creature. So, everything that My Holy Humanity would do – steps, works, words, pains, and even My Breath, and My very death – formed as many Rebirths of My Divine Will for as many creatures as would have the Good of the Rebirth of My Divine Fiat. Since I AM the Head of the human family, and it, My Members, as the Head I (Jesus) called with My Acts – I (Jesus) called the many Rebirths of My Divine Volition within Me, to let them pass to be Reborn in My Members, the creatures.

Therefore, there was not one Act I (Jesus) did – even My very Sacramental Life, each Consecrated Host, are Continuous Rebirths of My Supreme Volition, which It Prepares for the creature. So, I AM the True Sacrificed One of a Cause so Holy – that My Divine Will may Reign. I Myself am the One who Formed Its Kingdom within Me; and making It be Reborn in Me as many times for as many creatures as It would be Reborn in, I Formed Its Most Holy Empire and Its Reigning in the Midst of My Members.


Now, My daughter (Luisa), after I (Jesus) placed the Kingdom of My Divine Will in safety within My Holy Humanity, I (Jesus) had to Manifest It in order to Make It Known. Therefore I (Jesus) came to you (Luisa) and I (Jesus) began to Narrate to you (Luisa) the long story of My Divine Fiat. Now, you must know that I (Jesus) have made and I (Jesus) make so many Manifestations, I (Jesus) have spoken so many Truths, so many Words, for as many Rebirths as My Divine Will did in My Holy Humanity. Its Rebirths in Me and Its Knowledges that I (Jesus) Manifest to you (Luisa) will be in Perfect Balance; each Rebirth of My Divine Volition done in Me and in each Consecrated Host will find a Manifestation and a Truth of Its own that Confirms It, and will Give It Rebirth in the creature (Luisa). In fact, in God the Word Forms the Life of the Good He wants to Form in the creature (Luisa); Our Word is Bearer of Life. Was is not Our Word ‘Fiat’ that, Pronouncing Itself, Created the heavens, the sun and everything that can be seen in the entire universe, and even the very Life of man (Adam) himself? Until We (Triune God) Pronounced ‘Fiat’, everything was in Us; as It was Pronounced, It Populated heavens and earth with so many Works, Beautiful and Worthy of Us, and It Gave the Start to the long generation of so many human lives. See, then, how everything I tell you (Luisa) on My Divine Will will bring, with the power of My creative word, Its many rebirths done in Me into the midst of the human family. Here is the Great Reason for a Story so long and a Speaking of Mine so Continuous. It will be in Balance with everything that was Done by Us (Triune God) in Creation, and with everything I (Jesus) did in Redemption. And if it seems that sometimes I (Jesus) remain silent, it is not because I have ceased My Speaking, but because I take Rest. In fact, it is My usual way to Rest in My very Word and Works that come out of Me. Just as I did in Creation – It was not Pronounced always; I would say ‘Fiat’ and I would Pause, and then I would Pronounce It again – so I (Jesus) do in you (Luisa): I Speak, I (Jesus) Give you (Luisa) My Lesson and I take Rest; first, to Enjoy in you (Luisa) the Effects of My Words; and to Dispose you (Luisa) to Receive the New Life of My Lesson. Therefore, be Attentive, and let your Flight in My Divine Will be Continuous.”


May 22, 1927

I was thinking to myself, asking: ‘What is this Divine Will?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), Divine Will means Giving God to God, Divine Outpouring and Transformation of the human nature into Divine, Communication of Creative Virtue, Embracing the Infinite, Rising into Eternity and Taking Eternity as though in one’s Power, to be able to say to God: ‘I (Luisa) have Loved You from Eternity. Your Divine Will has no beginning – It is Eternal like You (God); and in It (The Divine Will) I (Luisa) have Loved You with a Love with no beginning and no end’. What is My Most Holy Divine Will? It is Everything!

Volume 26 – June 4, 1929

As the soul (Luisa) keeps doing the Divine Will, so does It (The Divine Will) expand in the soul (Luisa), and the Divine Life grows within her (Luisa); and the soul Grows within the Womb of her Celestial Father. How (Luisa) the One who Lives in It makes the Roll Call of all Creation. How, if one goes out of the Divine Will, he goes out while his Acts remain.

My abandonment in the Fiat continues. I (Luisa) feel within me such a need to Live in It (The Divine Will), that It has become more Necessary to me than my own nature. Even more, I (Luisa) feel my Nature changed into Divine Will of God; I (Luisa) feel it dissolved within It, and in all things, instead of finding myself, I (Luisa) find that Fiat that says to me: “I AM your Life; run—run always within Me (Triune God), in the Sea of My Light, to Live of My acts, of My Sanctity, of My Happiness and of all the Goods I (Triune God) Possess.”

But while I was crossing the Sea of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), as the soul (Luisa) keeps Operating in My Divine Volition, so does It expand more within the creature (Luisa), in such a way that for each additional Act done in It (The Divine Will), as much more Growth does It form within her (Luisa); and so, the Divine Life can be seen Growing in the creature (Luisa) in an Admirable Way.

“But this is not all; as the Divine Life grows in the creature (Luisa), the more Acts she (Luisa) does in My Divine Fiat, the more the creature Grows within the Womb of her Celestial Father. The Supreme Being opens His Womb and Encloses in it this Happy creature (Luisa), to raise her (Luisa) in a Divine Manner, to Clothe her with Royal Garments (the one’s Adam lost), to feed her (Luisa) the Food (That you do not Know) with Their (The Triune God’s) own Hands, to Embellish her (Luisa) with Rare Beauty. All of Heaven remains Amazed, Enraptured, in seeing that their Creator raises a creature (Luisa) within His Womb; and they say among themselves: ‘He (God)must be doing something Great with her (Luisa), for He (God) Loves her (Luisa) so much, and keeps her (Luisa) in such Great Custody as to Raise her (Luisa) within His Paternal Womb.’ And all Await the Full Growth of this creature (Luisa), to see what will become of her (Luisa).

“Therefore, the Prodigy of Living of My Divine Will is Unique; It Communicates such Power to the One (Luisa) who Lives in It (The Divine Will), that she (Luisa) enters everywhere, and God Himself Loves and Wants to Raise her (Luisa) within His Divine Womb. Furthermore, the Potential and the Diffusion of the Act done in My Divine Will is such and so Great, that she (Luisa) diffuses everywhere: she (Luisa) extends in the Heavens, and it is as if she (Luisa) made the Roll-Call of the stars; she (Luisa) extends in the sun, and she (Luisa) Roll-Calls the Light; she (Luisa) invests the air, the wind, the sea, and she (Luisa) Roll-Calls the birds, the power of the wind, the waters and the fish; and placing them all in Order, she (Luisa) says to all with her act: ‘Bow down, and let us Adore, with Double Homage, our Creator. That Fiat that created us is in my (Luisa’s) Act, and with It I (Luisa) want to Create New Love, New Adoration and Glory for our Creator.’And she (Luisa) extends not only in all created things, but she (Luisa) extends within the Acts of the Virgin Mary, in all the Acts that I (Jesus) did upon earth, in the Acts of her Creator (God), in those of all the Saints; and from the first to the last, she (Luisa) calls the Roll for all of them, and she (Luisa) makes the New Life of Love, of Adoration, of Glory for He (God) who created her (Luisa), flow within them.

“It can be said that wherever My Divine Will is present there extends the Act of the creature (Luisa) done in My Divine Will. Even in hell they feel the Power of a creature (Luisa) Operating in My Divine Fiat, because just as all of Heaven feels the New Happiness, the Glory and the New Love of the Act of the creature (Luisa) done in My Volition, so does hell feel the New Torment of that Divine Will that they rejected, and that, while It is present with them with Justice, is there to Torment them, and every time the creature (Luisa) Operates in It (The Divine Will), they feel the Weight of Justice more Heavily upon them, and they feel themselves Burning more. Just as nothing escapes My Divine Fiat, so does nothing escape the one (Luisa) who Operates in It; and as many times as she (Luisa) repeats her Acts, so many times does she (Luisa)make the Roll-Call, to be sure that no one is missing in her Act, to Give the New Glory, Adoration and Love to that God, Trice Holy, and to that Divine Will that, with so much Love, makes room for her (Luisa) to let her (Luisa) Live within Itself, and allows her (Luisa) to Extend within Its Endlessness.”

After this, I (Luisa) was doing my Round in the Divine Fiat, and I (Luisa) was gathering all created things, all the acts of creatures, to Form One Single Act in the Unity of It (The Divine Will). And my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), only My Divine Will Possesses the One Single Act, and in Its Unity It Embraces everything, It Does everything, It Gives Life to everything. But while It does One Act Alone, this Act Possesses the Fount of all Acts together, such that, while they are the Effects of the Single Act, they Spread in the whole Creation and Descend for the Good of creatures as Real Acts, while in the Unity of the Single Act of the Divine Fiat, it is Always One Act Alone; so much so, that it never detaches a single Effect from itself, nor can it Detach it, because all the Effects form the Unity of its One Single Act.

“It happens as to the sun: one is the light, one is the act of light that it continuously sends to the earth; but as this one light touches the earth, the effects are innumerable and real. And this is so true, that as the light touches the earth, one sees the effects changed into acts, in such a way that one can see the variety of colors for the flowers, the diversity of sweetnesses for the fruits, and many other things. Has the sun perhaps lost even just one of the many effects that, as real acts, it has communicated to the earth? Ah! no. Jealous, it preserves them within its single act of light; more so, since the strength, the fullness and its one single act of light are formed of all the effects that it possesses. So, the sun, symbol of My Divine Will, possesses innumerable effects; it gives them to the earth as real acts, without losing even one of them, and it does always one single act. If the sun, created by Us, does this, much more so does My Divine Will.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), by doing his (Adam’s) human will, man (Adam) went out of the Unity of Mine, and all his (Adam’s) acts lost that strength of the Unity and remained scattered, some in one point, some in another, and divided among themselves. These human acts, not having Unity, have no Founts of Effects, nor Fullness of Light, and therefore they are symbolized by those plants and flowers that grow without sun; and because they are scattered and divided among themselves, they do not have a lasting strength, and they grow as meager and faded. So, by doing his (Adam’s ) human will, man (Adam) loses the Unity with Mine, he (Adam) loses the Fount of Life, he (Adam) loses the Fullness of Light. Now, the One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Volition keeps Gathering all the Goods scattered by creatures, and Forms One Single Act; and these Acts become the Right of the One (Luisa) who Does and Lives in My Divine Fiat. There is no good that the One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will cannot take. With the Bilocating Power of It (The Divine Will), she (Luisa) calls, gathers and unites All Acts together; and Ordering them all in My Fiat, she (Luisa)gives Me (God) everything, and I (God) give her (Luisa) everything.”

After this, I (Luisa) was continuing my Acts in the Supreme Volition, and a thousand thoughts crowded in my mind about Its many Wonders; but in order not to make it too long on paper, I will only say what Jesus told me. “My daughter (Luisa), what is Done in My Divine Will Remains Dissolved in It, and just as light and heat are inseparable, and if the light is extinguished, the heat also is extinguished, and if the light is given life, by its own nature, the light makes the life of the heat arise together with it; in the same way, the Acts of the creature (Luisa) Done in It (The Divine Will) are Inseparable from My Volition. More so, since It (The Act) is not subject to becoming extinguished, because It (The Act Done in the Divine Will) is Eternal and Immense Light.

“This is why, though Adam went out of My Divine Will when he (Adam) sinned, his Acts remained in It. He (Adam) was able to detach himself from his own Acts, but his Acts Done in My Divine Will could neither go out nor Detach themselves, because they had already Formed their Life of Light and of Heat within It (The Divine Will). What Enters into My Divine Will loses its own life in It (The Divine Will), it Forms One Same Life with It (The Divine Will), it loses the rights to go out; and My Divine Will says: ‘These Acts have been done in My House, within My Light; the Rights are Mine, and there is no Power, either human or Divine, that can make an Act Done by the creature (Adam before the fall) in My Divine Will to go out of It and separate from It.’ This is why the Acts of Adam Done in It before he sinned are there Present as Prime Act on which Depend the Creation and the Acts of the human generations.

“Now, suppose that you (Luisa) went out from within My Divine Will: you go out and remain outside, but your Acts do not go out—they neither have the Right to go out, nor can they do it; and as long as you (Luisa) remain in My Divine Will, your Acts (Luisa) are Mine (God’s) and yours (Luisa), but if you go out, you lose the Rights. And because they were done in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and not in the human will, they Remain as My (God’s) Rights, even though they appear and are Known as having been done by you (Luisa). Now, you must knowthat everything that you (Luisa) do in My Fiat will Serve as Prime Act for the other creatures (linked to you Luisa)in order to Live in the Kingdom of It (The Divine Will); as Order, Regime and Life of those (linked to you Luisa) who will Live in the Kingdom of My Fiat. This is why I(Jesus) exhort you so much in your doing your Round in It, I (Jesus) watch over you (Luisa), I (Jesus) accompany you (Luisa), and many times I (Jesus) do it together with you (Luisa)—because not only do they serve you (Luisa), but they Must Serve as Prime Acts and as Models for those (linked to you Luisa) who Must Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.”



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